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Hi, I'm

Here are some of my favorite things and a little about me.

Favorite treat

Rice Krispie treats fresh out of the oven when they're still gooey.

Favorite hideaway

Tucked in bed under a giant pile of stuffies.

Favorite thing to do

Knowing what’s cool before it’s cool.

Most afraid of

Dancing in public and pop quizzes at school.

Most annoyed by

When there’s not enough milk left for a whole bowl of cereal.

Advice to others

When you're feeling nervous, think about the last mistake you made and how you learned from it.  Once you remind yourself the worst thing that can happen is you learn from another mistake, you’re ready to take a chance!

Grossed out by

The smell of warm fish or bad breath, or the combination of both.

Most ingenious invention

The stuffy stacker which helps stacks the most amount of stuffies possible into a giant tower.

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