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We're introducing kids to mental health.

Founded by Jon and Lilly Bowerman

Over the last 10 years, there's been a 72% increase in anxiety and depression in children ages 6-17 and continuing to rise at an alarming rate.  There's a critical, necessary opportunity to communicate with our kids about mental health in a more impactful way.


Our mission is to speak through fun, relatable characters to break down the barriers for children to better understand and maintain their mental health.  Through the craft of storytelling, illustration, expert psychological advisement, and your continued support, we'll be helping the next generations better welcome their feelings and deal with everything life brings.

Where did the Gumdrops come from?

Sitting down one day as I was drawing fun animals, my daughter Lilly proclaimed, "those look like gumdrops!", and the Gumdrops were born.

Part teaching my entrepreneurial daughter how a business is run, and part just having fun, the Gumdrops allow us to improve children's mental health through artistic expression with a message.  She's the Creative Director of Cuteness, and I'm the DAD (Design and Development).

We want kids to find a unique Gumdrop they most relate to so they always feel like they've got a sugary, sparkly sidekick as their world rapidly changes.

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