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Hi, I'm

Here are some of my favorite things and a little about me.

Favorite treat

The chocolatey outside of peanut butter cups.

Favorite hideaway

At the very top of my treehouse to watch the sunset.

Favorite thing to do

Riding on top of a remote control car.

Most afraid of

Feeling sad.  I like to think of the last time I sang a song.  It's really hard to frown when I'm singing so I always end up feeling happier. See if you can frown and sing at the same time. I bet you can't!

Most annoyed by

My sister Monica trying act cool and the fact that my brother Monk is just a little bit older.

Advice to others

Explore, make a mess, be creative, and ask for permission later.

Grossed out by

Monica’s sweaty socks.

Most ingenious invention

It’s a work in progress.

Favorite books

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Harry Potter

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