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Hi, I'm

Here are some of my favorite things and a little about me.

Favorite treat

Purple Popsicles and Hot Cocoa.

Favorite hideaway

Snow forts in the winter and a cozy bean bag chair in my room.

Favorite thing to do

Come up with ideas for ways to make people’s life easier.

Most afraid of

Sharks who nibble on toes and eating my vegetables.

Most annoyed by

When my hands get all sticky from a melting popsicle.

Grossed out by

Wiggly teeth right before they fall out.

Advice to others

Don’t eat any snow that looks lemon flavored.  It’s not.

Most ingenious invention

The ice cream drip bowl.  Instead of dripping on your hands, it drips into a bowl around the cone or popsicle stick so you can drink it after.

Favorite books

Anything my mom or dad reads with me

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