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Hi, I'm

Here are some of my favorite things and a little about me.

Favorite treat

Potato chips dipped in chocolate.

Favorite hideaway

In my room with instruments and a pen.

Favorite thing to do

Writing poetry and singing.  Here’s the last poem I wrote:

For thirty weeks,

I’ve puffed my cheeks,

Ready to sing my greatest song.

It will be soon,

I find the tune,

For you to hear the sound of strong.

Most afraid of

Being made fun of or disrespected because of the way I look.

Most annoyed by

My dad’s jokes.

Advice to others

Let your voice be heard. If they aren’t listening, turn up the volume.

Grossed out by

Soggy, slimy lettuce.

Most ingenious invention

The forever fresh lettuce box.  My parents love it too because they never have to throw out uneaten salad containers.

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