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Bun Bun

Bun Bun

Hi, I'm

Here are some of my favorite things and a little about me.

Favorite treat

Puppy chow with extra powdered sugar!

Favorite hideaway

Tucked in a laundry basket with warm sweatshirts right out of the dryer. So warm and cozy.

Favorite thing to do

Calling my friends Pumpy Umpkins and giving them a giant hug.

Most afraid of

Worms in the dirt who pop out and tickle my pinky toes.

Most annoyed by

When I get a sweaty, itchy back from all the hopping.

Grossed out by

The smell of the pages in an old book.

Advice to others

Whenever possible, have dessert before dinner.

Most ingenious invention

The instant fluffer.  No more combing wet fur after a shower.  The instant fluffer makes you go from goofy to poofy.

Favorite books


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

The Giving Tree

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